Carbohydrates are your friend!

What carbohydrates are good for you, how to take it and how much to intake?

People who wants to lose weight and lessen their food intake automatically sees carbohydrates as the number one enemy that should be eliminated in ones system. In order to achieve their suppose to be healthy looking body they believe that lessening or completely foregoing carbohydrates is the way to go. But contrary to this false belief, Carbohydrates are essential to our bodies, it is just as important as protein or any other nutrients we consume on a daily basis. We actually need it.


Defined as one of our body’s source of energy. This nutrient is absorbed into the digestive system and converts it into glucose or the blood sugar that our bodies uses as energy for its proper function. That being said, imagine a day without it, it would surely make you feel as if you don’t want to move whatsoever. Our organs would not function normally and it can also affect our appearance as well as how we feel throughout the day. But be wary that not all carbohydrates are the same. Fortunately, today’s markets are more adaptable to the healthy lifestyle. Many people have been switching to natural alternatives not only in the field of medicine but with what they consume daily. Guides, blogs and books are readily available for your own perusal. Food products are also branching out into the organic ways. The real test is to determine exactly what carbohydrates are good for you, how to take it and how much to intake.


To determine what a good carbohydrate is, is actually pretty easy. Think of it this way, whatever Mother Nature naturally gives us without any additions are healthy. Example of which are root crops such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, yams, carrots, beets and so much more. Of course, it is important to consider the way it is prepared. Unwanted fats, sugar or oil should not be incorporated as much. Try to boil or bake them instead, you may also add your desired seasonings to up the flavor. Fruits are also a good source of carbohydrates. Just make sure to have the right balance in every meal in everyday. Another thing that are commonly eliminated is the intake of rice and corn which is a case-to-case basis depending on your ideal. But it is not necessary to completely forego either of the two. With rice, instead of going with white rice opt to have brown rice. Brown rice is said to contain more fiber and is a good source of manganese and selenium. As for corn, it also contains a high fiber content as well as vitamins A, B and E.


For the bad carbohydrates, these are food items that are already processed or spoiled by incorporating other items into a natural product, which makes its abundant nutrients less to nothing but makes it more appealing in taste by the addition of unnecessary sugar, salt etc. that makes its calorie count high.


If we look at it as a whole, carbohydrates are all the same, what makes it good is when we don’t complicate it that much and keep it clean and simple. And what makes it bad is when we try to alter what these food items really can offer. Of course, we cannot deny certain cravings especially if we have been used to it for a long time but keep in mind that a treat is a treat and it shouldn’t sway you from becoming the healthy person you are meant to be. All in all, as with anything moderation is still the key and carbohydrates are never the culprits, it is your friend!

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