Never Skip Breakfast


Eating breakfast improves our brains function both for children and adults.

In a person’s busy life, eating at the right time, the right amount and the right way is always something neglected. Ask anyone, eating 3 full meals a day is important to maintain and keep a healthy functioning body. Amongst the 3 meals, which include breakfast, lunch and dinner, the first and most important meal of the day is breakfast. Take note, just because it is essential that you eat breakfast everyday does not mean you can eat anything you want, the best options to have for breakfast are foods that are rich in protein and fiber.


There are multiple benefits of eating breakfast daily and some of which are as follows. Eating breakfast improves our brains function both for children and adults. It can make us concentrate more, be more attentive and sharpen our memory. Another thing about eating breakfast is that it boosts our energy levels. Because you have consumed healthy food, your body burns that food and converts it into energy that you can use. The glucose on the said food items is necessary for our body to function effectively. A common belief that is actually untrue is that you can lose weight if you forego eating breakfast. This actually has the opposite effect.


Eating breakfast can make you lose weight or maintain it. People who eat breakfast has less cravings and does not have the tendency to eat more since they don’t feel deprived or starved. When a person feels hungry they often opt for high fat or sugary items, which are main factors of weight gain. Also, people who have breakfast are not prone to health issues. If a person skips breakfast our bodies are deprived of important nutrients that keeps all our organs functioning. Nutrients and minerals like calcium should always be constantly present in our bodies daily. Not eating breakfast can make us more susceptible in developing high levels of low-density lipoprotein, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Lastly, eating breakfast can improve our mood and decrease stress levels; the reason for this is because you feel fulfilled and satisfied.


Every night when we sleep our body is relaxed and it is left with no food for long periods of time. We wake up with an empty stomach, which makes us feel empty inside. Breakfast is called as such because it means that you are breaking the fast that’s why nutritionist advise that you should have breakfast at least 2 hours upon waking up as well as the food you eat should be comprised of 20-35% of you daily calorie range. Foods that provide us with energy and important nutrients including calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein and fiber should also be present. Incorporation fruit and vegetables is always a good idea.


It is always fun to eat. Breakfast shouldn’t make you feel as if you are losing precious time, think of ways to make it more enjoyable and never skip a meal. Choose the right food, consume in moderation, enjoy life and have a healthy body.

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